Our Core Values...

Leveraging on the technical competence that is the combined result of our talent, knowledge, experience and training, we have been consistently catering to global requirements. Our successful operations are the result of our core values that we nurture during every stage of work execution. We value -

Being pro active - We take the initiative and actively seek solutions for our clients that require research and extra effort. In the case of business clients, we will visit their premises at the start of our relationship to help ensure that we take into account everything that has a bearing on their financial position.

Open communication - We believe in promoting effective two-way communication between our clients and us. We achieve this by trying to be accessible to our clients so that they can have their questions answered as quickly as possible, and by supplying information to them that is timely, accurate and easy to understand.

Honesty and Integrity - We believe that it is vitally important to be direct with clients. In being so, we can save our clients from making costly mistakes. Also, we will take on a prospective client only if we believe we are able to offer them an improvement upon the service or outcome they may currently be receiving elsewhere.

Team work - We work together to recognise and define common objectives, above self interest, and capitalize on diverse strengths to achieve a profitable common goal.

Good value for money - At SOS, we do not have the overheads of large accounting firms - yet, we have a similar spread and depth of knowledge and experience within our highly competent team. This means, we are able to offer an exceptional standard of service without taxing the client heavily on fees.